The EVEREST conquest !



By similarity, the conquest of the highest top around the World is not possible without a self-control insurance of conditions or essential aspects (6M) :

     1. An excellent Weather
     2. A Montain perfect knowledge
     3. A irreproachable and adapted Materialequipment
     4. A unfailing Mental
     5. Exceptionnal March capacities endurance 
     6. Reliable and continuous Measurement of the efforts


This project  « EVEREST » is therefore a project of the COMPANY. 6M to put in place and to make living the SPC are well-known and all departments are concerned :


Influential characteristics

Concerned departments

Raw Materials

Documents, records, traceability,  ……..

Buyers, Storage, Receiving inspection


Working place environment : organisation, cleanness…..

Production, maintenance


Competence training, consciousness-raising, Implication



Equipment, ranges, plans, instructions …..

Methods, Industrialization, Quality

Material equipment

Machines, equipment, devices, ranges and recorded information…..

Production, maintenance, inspection, Quality, IT


Known and adapted devices capabilities (reapetability, reproducibility), used SPC

Inspection, quality, methods


The SPONSORS : Head management, customers, production manager, Quality manager…..

The PROJECT PILOT : Inspection manager whith strong capacities in measurement analysis…

LEADER : Foremen,  team leaders…

SHERPAS : inspectors (returning easier action persons)

CLIMBERS : the operators, essential to success  !

TECHNICAL AID : Every department of the company, concerned by 6M


A PRACTICAL training after a strong THEORICAL training is certainly planned and realised by an experimented CHIEF SHERPA who will give all technical aid and support step by step all around this approach.


Origin : Leroy-Somer® - To be allowed to use by Jean-Luc D.

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