Quality, a measure of excellence !

Assessment - Detection - Improvement - Stabilization - Traceability



A complete offer of products and services to improve the Quality,  and to reduce :

flche The processes variability

flche The cost of inspections

flche The cost of sortings, wastes...

flche The customer complaints


  • Management : Geographical & product identifications (7 levels). Several processes for a given measurement range (the same product/part can have several ways of being manufactured). Different Standards available, calculated characteristics .....
  • Statistics : Histogram, capabilities charts , SPC : Statistics characteristic by characteristic = mono-characteristic statistics or Statistics for several characteristics simultaneously = multi-characteristics statistics. Films and charts: measurements films, individual values charts, averages charts, EWMA and CUSUM charts, moving averages and moving ranges charts, attributes charts (p, np, c, u) .....
  • Traceability : Automatic treatments give analyses and reports, alert message in real time.
  • Listings and reports : Pictured report, a choice between several formats to publish your data reports (HTML, XLS, DOC, PDF…..), customization of listings
  • Customization : Functionalities available according to the user’s profile, customization working & factory words for an adapted environment. Available screens in several languages according to the user’s profile .....
  • Integrated system : To be in a position to have one database only with Reception and Final inspection software (FINAME), MES, FMEA .....


flche Help decision tools for product acceptance

flche Synthesis graphs and mass production follow-up indexes

flche Experience feedback for the conception of new products

flche On-going traceability

 S.E.S.A.ME.TM - The software made-to-measure !

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