Anticipate to eliminate problems

before they occur

Every system has variation. You have to identify if it is a common cause variation or an incident.....

The keys steps :

flche To measure the performance

      Can we measure the process ?

flche To analyze

      Is the process predictable ?

flche To improve

      Is the process capable ?

flche To stabilize


If you want to be able obtain meaningful and corrects results, any data analyst needs to know how to organize the steps of data analysis :

flche Description

flche Probability

flche Inference

flche Homogeneity

Process Capability - To anticipate and eliminate problems before they arrive

The end goal is evaluating the capacity to make the right decision in accordance with the customer specifications and requirements.

Things can affect your process with cumulated risks :

flche Tool used

flche Tool not adapted to

flche The operator

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