Innovation and Performance dedicated to the

Quality Management of your Products and Process

Objective : Check processes to guarantee the quality rather than
simply measuring to verify product compliance with specifications.

The stakes

Eliminate defaults, avoid excessive testing or rejected/unacceptable products with :

flche The control of measurement, fundamental step to guarantee results,

flche The analysis of production methods to detect the causes of dysfunctions and to calculate the frequency of pertinent controls

flche The identification of the parameters which create the variability.

The tools

SPC-MSP to drive processes, calculate analysis demerits, check at reception & between operations, use FMEA for risk analysis, define monitoring plan.
Define and analyse the risks to
flche Reduce scraps and rejected parts
flche Reduce costs
Consolidate good pratices
Methods and standards in conformity with Aeronautics, ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 (previously QS 9000), medical standards 21 CFR Part 11, Q54 400X (PSA), CNOMO, NFE 60-181.
lean equilibre
Send real time warnings by e-mail, supply analyses and summarize information automatically.
Analyze and consolidate
Improve efficiency by applying knowledge and know-how to future products.


Integrate software systems
Measurement (standards devices, CMM), communicate with automatic systems, guide robots, connect with ERP, CAO, DAO, MES, FMEA…
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