Services to companies. Engineering in industrial processes quality management and improvement, from conception to production.



Assessment : Quality management from SPC - essential information in real time for an efficient management of processes - until complete analysis to continuous improvement.

Competences : measurement management, robot or automatic system piloting to record data, SPC to manage process, risk analysis : FMEA Product, FMEA Process, Control Plan, Flow Diagram, Demerits management.....

 Certified Management System


Customizable developments

Study and project achievement

Theoretical, practical training



ISO 9001:2008.


Only one representative, a multidisciplinary team at your service !

Qualified employees in few domains are able to guarantee all service provided : from need analysis, study and project achievement to theoretical, practical training of the users.


Our main assets ...

A recognized and estimated assessment, 26 years of industrial experience.

Flexibility and reactivity thanks to closeness of our R&D teams.

Challenges and result culture, values shared by all the employees of the company.

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